4 Gardening Tips to Cultivate your Career

Growing up in an agricultural area, I was often reminded of the importance of planning when it came time to get started on the gardens, however as a recruiter, I see how relevant those skills are in one’s work life too. Are you feelingĀ  a lack of growth or livelihood in your career? Then it’s time to pull out the gardening tools and get started.

  1. Location is everything. It is important when you start planting your garden that you choose an appropriate location for the seeds that you want to grow. Some require more exposure to the sun, some require less. Some require firmer ground, some require softer soil. Starting a career in the right location requires much of the same logic. Ultimately your workplace foundation needs to support the growth of your career, or it may leave you feeling frustrated.
  2. Choose your plants wisely. There are many different kinds of plants to choose from when planning a garden, as there are jobs in many different fields to consider. You should not just choose something that looks nice, or offers a lot of incentives, if it is not something that you like. The bottom line comes down to choosing something that you like that you are also willing to dedicate the required time to, so that it can grow. Some careers may require more attention than others, and it is important to understand the needs and expectations of a role beforehand.
  3. Make the design your own. The company that you work for may have more strict or less strict policies regarding your job description. If you are really looking to feel invested in the work that you are doing, you need to own it. Be involved in the process of laying out your responsibilities, own your schedule and figure out what works and does not work for you. Then communicate that to those that have the final say. If you aren’t buying in to the work that you are doing, you won’t feel successful.
  4. Maintenance. Maintenance. Maintenance. A garden requires constant attention. It needs watering, weeding and regular care. Your career will not grow without those very same things. It is easy to detach from work on and off the job, but it is important to remain very focused in your role so that you see what areas of your performance need some extra weeding. Maybe certain work relationships are drying up and need a bit more attention. Yes you can go in and complete your responsibilities and put in a small amount of effort to get a small harvest, but imagine the rewards of well-focused time and effort. Then,if you are still feeling unsatisfied in your career, it may be that the season is ending and it is time to find a new location to begin again.

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