Falling into Mundanity in the Workplace

There comes a time in most professionals lives where they start to feel bored with their work.  Same coworkers, same pile of paper, same sandwich for lunch, etc.  One of the major reasons for this is not feeling engaged at work.  A Gallup poll found a whopping 55% percent of all U.S. employees are NOT engaged at work.  These people feel like their capabilities aren’t being fully utilized and tapped into.  This can lead to not feeling connected to the organization, or dedicated in any way.

One thing we can take from this is that employees should be FULLY utilized to feel more connected with their company and fulfilled with their work.  Employees who do the exact “right amount” of work are the most satisfied.  Too little work leaves them feeling underappreciated and bored, while too much work leads to burning out and often stress related sickness.

SO, WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT IT? Well, determine whether the feelings are a “you” thing or a “career” thing.  This means determining whether you believe you are in the right field, do you enjoy what you do for the most part? If not, what might you be happier doing, try to explore that idea thoroughly before making any career changing decisions.

If you do believe that the field you’re in is right for you, and you’re just feeling stuck, think about trying a few of these ideas:

  1. Ask co-workers who seem happy with their jobs what they do to stay engaged and excited.
  2. Think about ways that management could make your job more interesting, try to relate these ideas to how they could increase productivity so that your boss will have more interest in them.
  3. Consider all the different possibilities of moving around in the company.  Whether that be laterally or horizontally, if you’re really feeling stuck a new task and new skills might help.

Don’t make any decision too hastily if you’re feeling bored at work.  Take your TIME to evaluate the situation and really decide if it’s something that absolutely needs to change, or if there might be an easier solution to combating that feeling of mundanity.

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