Management Business Solutions Adopts Local Families in Need



Grand Rapids, MI – Management Business Solutions has partnered with Hope Community, a rapid re-housing program under the Grand Rapids Housing Commission which serves homeless mothers and their children, to adopt two of their families for the holidays. The company’s goal is to align with the organization to help single mothers overcome obstacles associated with homelessness. Women who choose to become a part of Hope Community participate in an individualized self-discovery and educational process designed to help them identify and overcome barriers to self-sufficiency. As they identify those barriers, donors such as MBS step in to alleviate some of those needs. Latoya Person, part-owner of Management Business Solutions is very active with the local homeless community. As a Transitional Housing Program Donor for many years, her involvement inspired the company to step in and fill this need.


Latoya stated, “The emergency housing program has seen a change recently and although Hope Community provides the women with private apartments, each equipped with a kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedrooms appropriate to the family’s size, they no longer come fully furnished in many cases. Some of the residents are living in completely empty apartments with their young children. We have taken on the task of helping to improve their living situation.” Latoya is also volunteering her time as a personal mentor to the women. She realizes that they are assisting some of our community’s most vulnerable families and her steady support increases their chances for success.


The entire staff has collected gifts and toys for the children and mothers, and Latoya has put together a personal analysis of their situations to provide beds, couches and other tangible needs so that they can focus on self-sufficiencies such as finding a job, transportation or childcare.


Not only will Management Business Solutions be delivering gifts to them this holiday season, but also stocking their shelves with food, cleaning, and personal hygiene products.


Latoya acts as a liaison between the community and the Grand Rapids Housing Commission, also volunteering resources to complexes such as Adams Park Apartments, Leonard Terrace, and Delaware Manor. Individuals or organizations that want to adopt a family like Management Business Solutions can connect with Latoya Person directly at or 616-589-8071.

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