May Flowers: Encouraging Growth and Sustainability

May marks a season of growth and change. Many are happy to see the first signs of spring coming through after a hard winter and a lot of preparation to bring the season into motion. It is important to learn to recognize and celebrate the signs of growth and change in the workplace as well. Whether you are a manager or another employee, individuals love to be recognized when their efforts bloom.

Here are three ways that you can recognize someone else’s success in your workplace, no matter what your title is:

  1. Share their story.
    • Highlight the success story with fellow coworkers, social media followers or maybe even with a press release. A compliment that is made in public can have a much greater impact than one made in private – and as a bonus, if higher-ups are not paying attention, some public recognition may draw their eyes and ears to your department as well.
  2. Make them an example.
    • Turn their success story into a teaching point that others can follow. When training new employees, it is easier to be clear and concise when providing specific examples of things that individuals have done in the past
  3. Offer them a token of encouragement.
    • It can be a note, their favorite kind of candy or even a simple pat on the back with some encouraging words. Everyone loves to be recognized for doing something great, and it is wonderful to set the tone of encouragement throughout the organization. Some company’s even have a special board dedicated to recognizing employees who have gone above and beyond during the week!

A company’s culture is often rooted very deeply into the actions and attitudes of those who work there. Encouraging those who have done something well or sustained growth within the organization is a sure-fire way to boost morale and create a more positive, healthier company culture.



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