MBS SERVICES: Need Qualified Candidates?

Management Business Solutions understands the incompatible effects a “mismatched” candidate can have on a company’s productivity, timeline, and finances. Our recruiters take EXTRA steps to gain insight into our client’s business model, employment requirements, and culture fit. Whether your company needs to fill an interim, contract, or full-time position, MBS meticulously screens every candidate and guarantees the best service possible locally, regionally and nationally.

How do we do Screen?

Through in-depth question/answer processes and frequent follow-up communication with our client, MBS creates relationships and designs customized staffing solutions to meet your company’s unique and diverse needs. We have many tools that help filter the many applicants so that we can help you find your next hire:

  • Preliminary Step: MBS develops pre-screening questions to eliminate applicants who do not meet the minimum qualifications.
  • 1st Step: We build customized questionnaires for qualified candidates to fill out, so we can evaluate their writing skills.
  • 2nd Step: Our recruiters conduct phone interviews or face to face interview to evaluate their technical skills. These interviews could range from 30 minutes to-1.5 hours.
  • 3rd Step: Score each candidate on an internal proprietary matrix to identify top candidates.
  • 4th Step: Reference Check/Background Test/ Drug Testing for top candidates.
  • Final Step: Most importantly, we communicate to EVERY applicant whether it is relaying good or bad news. No one is left behind. Guaranteed.

We help source candidates through many channels and recruit for non-profits, small business, large corporations. More information can be viewed here. We can help design a customized solution for you and help find your next hidden gem… Give us a call today at 616-456-5627 Or Request a Quote.

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