New Year: Top 5 Benefits at MBS

MBS added 4 new internal employees this year and we are looking to continue to GROW in 2018! We might be a “small” company with 10 employees, but we offer BIG benefits. We understand money is great, but there are other things to consider when looking for new employment that might outweigh the cash in your pocket. Be sure to think about these when applying for jobs this Holiday Season…

Top 5 Benefits MBS has to offer New Employees:

  • Opportunities to GROW: MBS likes to utilize STRENGTHS instead of focusing on what you can’t do. Let’s face it, not everyone is as detailed as the other. Some employees might love sales – That’s OK! At some point in your position you will want a NEW challenge. It all starts by learning the foundation of the business and then growing into a manager, trainer, or even becoming an Owner! Yes, you read that right! We are looking for future Owners of MBS!
  • Community Involvement: Some companies ‘SAY’ they are involved in the community, but are not physically present when they need to be. MBS shows up in a big way as we volunteer our time and talents to our community partners. Some of our partners include Hope Community, West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, United Way, WISEOne in Christ MinistriesWomen’s Business Enterprise National Council, YMCA, etc. MBS employees understand that this is part of ‘who we are’.
  • Flexible & Family-Oriented.  Work-life balance is a tricky thing to juggle. We get it: Not everyone can work 8:00am-5:00pm. We can work around class schedules and family schedules. If we know work is getting done, then we will make things work. Simple as that.
  • Open Office/Transparency:  Ever had the ability to turn around and speak with the CEO of your company? You do here! We call it a ‘bullpen’ environment: You have an open floor with no offices or partitions separating employees. We are a training environment, which makes it easier for junior staff to work with senior staff daily to continue employee growth. This promotes a team-oriented culture.
  • 3:01 Happy Hour & Company Parties. “Work Hard – Play Hard” is our motto. Every Friday, we get together for a drink at our bar in the Employee Lounge. We celebrate the successes of the week, chat about the upcoming weekend, play a game, and really just unwind! This creates a laid-back feel that helps build a comradery between staff, managing partners, and CEO.  All employees love our Summer Party and Christmas Party too. Our CEO always has something extravagant planned!

We wish we could hire everyone to join our awesome team, but currently, we’re aiming to provide internships to Juniors and Seniors in college that are interested in learning more about the Recruiting and Staffing Industry. We have our internship opening for the Winter/Spring Semester. If you are interested in joining our team please apply at: HR Recruiting Assistant Job Description

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