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Alissa VanWingen – Senior at Grand Valley State University

Q: What do you do on a typical day as an Intern?

A: No two days are the same while interning at MBS. You start out with parsing (entering candidates into the database), formatting a resume on a letterhead, making qualifying interview templates, entering interview notes in the applicant tracking system, making job folders, etc. As the internship progresses, phones became a daily activity. You will figure out how to create job descriptions and create ads for social media about the current openings. Towards the end of the internship, pre-screening candidates and scheduling interviews, listening in on recruiting calls, and sourcing for candidates to recruit becomes prominent in the daily activities.

Q: Being a new intern at MBS what do you enjoy most about the team?

A: Coming in as an intern, it can be a bit nerve racking, you’re new and for me, this was my first internship. The team was extremely welcoming, friendly and willing to help me out at any time. The team works extremely well together, gets along, has fun, and gets the work done. They allow you to be yourself, and if you’re having a tough day, they are there for you to talk to.

Q: What is one thing that you have learned that you didn’t think you would? / Or is the internship what you expected?

A: When I first started the internship, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The 3-hour working interview prior to hire gave me some insight on what I would be doing, but what the working interview doesn’t show you is how much knowledge you will gain. In the working interview, you start to learn some of the basics of what you will be doing as an intern. Besides all the actual work, I learned a lot about myself and about working at MBS as well. I think one of the key components of this internship that I learned was not to shy away from something. I was very nervous for this internship, I am the type of person who doesn’t like change so adding a new job into my life was a bit frightening. This job taught me that putting myself out there and taking a risk, can be 100% worth it in the end. I learned a lot about this company too. MBS is a staffing firm, but they are much more than that. They take pride in the work they complete, they strive for the relationships to be formed and to help people succeed as much as they can. This company/internship will give you the hands-on experience, but it will also teach you about yourself.

Q: Would you recommend to another HR/Administrative Intern?

A: I would highly recommend anyone to take this internship opportunity. You gain SO much hands-on experience from individuals who are extremely talented and have expert knowledge of this field. This internship not only taught me the skills I need to move forward, but also taught me that recruiting is the right field for me.

Top Five Things I recommend for those seeking an internship:

  1. Research the company beforehand. It is extremely important to know what the company does and the companies mission and values.
  2. Go into the internship with an open mind. Most people are looking for an internship to gain experience and learn, you need to be open to have a great internship experience.
  3. Be ready to learn and keep that willingness to learn throughout the whole internship process. It’s important to gain hands on knowledge that will help you further yourself in your career.
  4. Flexibility is key. Be able to work around any issues that could occur and be willing to accommodate the company you are interning for.
  5. Always complete your work on time and don’t be afraid to ask for more work. Companies love when you put yourself out there and show initiative.

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