Haleigh Hielkema – Senior at Grand Valley State University

Q: What do you do on a typical day?

A: Each day at MBS is a little different.  I usually start my day adding candidates into our applicant tracking system and checking our MBS website to see if any candidates have applied there.   After that, you might find me sourcing candidates from our internal system, or through various other online sources.  The rest of my day might consist of posting jobs to social media, finding content for our blog, making candidate folders for the recruiters, and my personal favorite, making pre-screen calls!  I love getting to directly interact with MBS candidates, the best part is scheduling them for phone interviews, and hearing the excitement in their voices!

Q: Being a new intern at MBS, what do you enjoy most about the team?

A: By far, the best part about MBS is the team.  They are a group of talented, passionate and caring women who genuinely care about your success and learning.  I couldn’t have asked for better teachers and supporters!

Q: What is one thing that you have learned that you didn’t think you would? / Or Is the internship what you expected?

A: I learned about the true amount of work that goes into recruiting.  Everybody here knows their stuff and works extremely hard.  There is no way I would have been able to jump into a position like this without their support and expertise.

Q: Would you recommend to another HR/ Administrative intern?

A: I absolutely would recommend MBS! I’ve had a wonderful time learning and growing with MBS, it’s a very unique setting and great HR experience.

Top Five Things I recommend for those seeking an internship:

  • Take the time to develop and perfect your resume.  Ask your campus career or writing center to help you edit and work out the flow, it’s the first line of contact you have with an employer.
  • Don’t settle on an internship.  You might get an offer quickly, and that’s great! However, if it’s not the one you really want and that offers the best experience, ask for time to think, or kindly decline.
  • Go into your interview prepared. Research the company and get to know what they stand for.  Employers also really love to see that you cared enough to look them up!
  • Once you land the internship, make relationships! At first it might seem hard to put yourself out there, but your co-workers want to get to know you, and you can learn a lot from them.
  • Soak up the knowledge.  You never know when an internship might turn into a job offer, so pay attention!  Even if it doesn’t you might end up working in that field in the future.

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