MBS Delivers the Best – Screening Process

Screening Process

MBS recruiters work with candidates on an individual basis to discover not only their qualifications and employment background, but also their specific needs in a new position. We also work very closely and communicate regularly with hiring managers for our open positions, ensuring we have a clear and in-depth understanding of the client’s needs.

We confront our clients’ recruiting and staffing challenges with them, providing an insider’s understanding to both company and candidate needs. Our recruiters are not only ready to assist you in planning solutions for your staffing needs – we are also experienced in designing customized staffing solutions. We are accomplished professionals and we bring a hands-on approach to the table, giving us the unique ability identify, evaluate, attract, and place the ideal candidate.

Our process varies with each client because we build relationships and design customized staffing solutions to meet your company’s unique and diverse needs. Our customized screening process includes:

    • Timeline development
    • Resume review and multistep interview process
    • MBS interview process utilizing client template or MBS template design
    • Evaluation, recommendation, and summary
    • Schedule and facilitate client interview process