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Internships: How Experience Pays Off

Whether you’re a college student who is a couple of semesters away from graduation, or an individual who is looking to change career paths, choosing to invest in an internship could make the difference in whether or not you’ll land the job you’re hoping for. What advantage does a person who invests in an internship have over the individual who doesn’t?

  • Networking:
    • Upon graduation, an individual’s network might not be expansive. Though it’s possible to keep in touch with college mates and professors, internships introduce you to working professionals. One of the best things that an internship offers is that it introduces an individual to be able to work with people they might not have chosen without the opportunity. It is important to be able to work with a diverse collection of people.
  • Real World Experience & Time Management:
    • Recent college graduates typically run into the problem of not understanding what their career path entails. When time is filled with reading textbooks, studying for tests and going to class, there is no way to fully understand the type of career that a degree might earn. When individuals engage in internships they discover what the day to day duties might be. For some college students, the ebb and flow of an internship serves as a rude awakening for what the workforce looks like. Internships are the best way to show the activities that comprise the work hours after graduation.
  • Resume Building:
    • Another reason that internships are so important is that they look good on a resume. Individuals who have internships are going to have an advantage over individuals who don’t. Whether the internship is paid, unpaid, for credit, or not for credit, taking the time to learn and get hands on experience in the industry shows hiring managers that you are dedicated to the role. Internships also tell the hiring managers that the individual has experience in the field.
  • Gauging Field Interest:
    • One thing that could be particularly disheartening is to earn a college degree in a field that the individual discovers as something that they hate. For this reason, it might make sense to find an internship before the junior year of college. If it is discovered to be an unfavorable internship, it provides the student with an opportunity to make a decision about where they want to take their career path next.

Even if an internship is not for credit or unpaid, you’ll get valuable experience that will put you ahead of the competition. In the job search you’ll want to be AHEAD of the competition and not BEHIND. Internships are a great way to set yourself apart.

MBS: CEO Grows Employee to Become Company Owner

Latoya 2015Grand Rapids, MI – Management Business Solutions, Inc.

(MBS) – (www.mgmtbsolutions.com) announced today that its principal founder and CEO, Floriza Genautis, is officially offering shares of the company to Latoya Person, Managing Partner, after five years with the company. Latoya started her MBS journey in 2010 as an intern in her last year of college. With her great work ethic and willingness to help the company continue to grow, it led to her being promoted into a lead recruiter role. Latoya brings more than 10 years of experience and expertise in the management, hiring, and recruiting of employees.

Latoya plans, directs and coordinates the operations of the company which includes managing daily operations and planning the use of resources. She has succeeded in streamlining business operations to ensure each client receives the best recruitment solutions possible. Floriza Genautis, CEO said “Latoya has a natural talent for strategic oversight and effective analysis that has awakened her elite sourcing abilities. She is our internal sourcing guru and brings expertise in attracting extraordinary candidates.” Latoya Person, is the second MBS employee to be offered shares of the company under the 5-Year Employee Ownership Plan with Amy Marshall being the first in 2014.

The 5-Year Employee Ownership Plan at MBS is available to all interested employees that demonstrate the commitment and dedication necessary to be a part-owner in a small business. According to Genautis, the goal of the 5-Year Employee Ownership Plan is to show a “commitment to guaranteeing the success of our organization by creating future leaders that are vested in the growth of the organization.  Constant training and mentoring are provided. One on one interaction, an open door policy, and communication are important, as well as making sure autonomy and flexibility are given to all. Valuing the contribution of each team member, we strive for success and excellence as well as making sure that upward mobility is available to all. Our business model is to hire and train future owners.”

About Management Business Solutions
Management Business Solutions (MBS) was founded in 2006 to provide practical, cost-effective, and customized employment solutions to clients. The current MBS staff has over 30 years of combined experience in recruiting, staffing, interviewing, and sourcing – all key components in designing customized staffing solutions to meet client needs. Headquartered in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, MBS has a strong commitment to the West Michigan community but has national reach in its recruiting efforts. MBS is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), in addition to holding 8(a) certification.