9 things NOT TO DO in an interview

When we graduate from college, trade school or go through a significant life change, there is a point to which we move into the job hunt. Trying to find a job can prove to be an exhausting experience.


The best candidates spend their time becoming acquainted with what does and does not work in an interview. There are so many resources that explain what you should do. If you’re visiting this site, it is likely that you have some idea about the things you should do to nail your interview. For that reason, we are going to outline what NOT to do when interviewing for a new job.


1. Let your cellphone be a problem. Ideally, a cellphone could be left in the car. Sometimes a cell phone can be important to have for scheduling purposes. If you think that it could be helpful in your interview bring it with you turned off or with the “silent” or “do not disturb” options turned on.
2. Miss sleep before the interview. You will likely be more attentive and confident if you aren’t fighting the urge to yawn.
3. Skip a meal before an interview. Having an empty stomach might cause you to have a lack of attention. Eating healthy will help you stay alert. Leave the stomach gurgles at home!
4. Skip follow up. You might not think you’ve performed well in an interview but a simple email reiterating your interest is best. It might just pay off in the long run.
5. Forget to ask questions. Employers want to see you’re interested enough to hear more about the job or company. Never leave without asking something!
6. Discuss money or time off. Unless you are offered a job, it is not important for the employer to know your holiday plans. Discussing money up front may also give the wrong impression to the employer.
7. Be rude to the receptionist or support staff. Don’t forget that these individuals may be asked about their impression of you. If the employer finds out that you are rude to ANY person, they’ll likely assume that you are rude to EVERY person!
8. Bring a beverage. Similar to bringing food to an interview, bringing a drink into the interview is not appropriate. Only a small number of recruiters would say that they’d disqualify a candidate for bringing a beverage. However, you don’t want to do anything to hurt your chances. However, if the hiring manager offers you something to drink, by all means, take it if you want it.
9. Chew gum. It just looks unprofessional. It’s also rude to talk with your mouth full!


If you master this list, not only will you be avoiding the pet peeves of many recruiters and hiring managers, you will also be one step closer to being employed. Best of luck on your next interview!

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