Implementing Professional Wellness Techniques Reduces Work Related Stressors

With our company facing the busy hiring season, we have all come to terms with the fact there are some stressful moments during our daily activities. According to the American Psychological Association, stress can “cause disease, either because of changes in your body or by other bad habits people use to cope with stress.” Knowing that stress has a long-term affect on one’s health, it is important for employers to look at ways to diffuse the strain stress may cause for both employee’s professional and personal lives. Wellness programs are often used as ways to de-stress employees, although sometimes it is difficult for some businesses to put aside a budget for this. As a small business, MBS has begun exploring wellness initiatives to implement that are inexpensive!

  1. Exercise Ball Chairs: Yes, you read that correctly. MBS has purchased 2 Exercise Ball Chairs which employees sign out to use daily for an hour at a time to stay active, keep the blood flowing, and provide a change of pace. It can be hard to exercise while being at your desk for hours at a time, so these exercise balls provide some action while we recruit!
  2. Smoothie Days: MBS co-owners understand the benefits of having a healthy treat in the office for employees to start their day off right. Once a month, we set time aside for employees to make their own smoothies or we will connect with local businesses that offer healthy options for our employees to be aware of. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a strawberry banana yogurt smoothie at their desk?
  3. Exercise Hour: MBS employees are encouraged to join other team members once a month in the morning to help energize for the day; this can include a yoga session, Zumba, Pilates, etc. We hope this will encourage employees to continue exercising outside of work!
  4. Happy Hour: After a busy week, we like to get together with our team members and celebrate the weeks accomplishments with a glass of wine. Did you know certain substances in red wine called antioxidants may help prevent coronary artery disease? We are all about that benefit!

What initiatives is your company taking to alleviate stressors in the workplace, and encourage a healthy lifestyle? We want to hear from you so we can highlight your company on our social media pages!

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